Our Mission

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We are excited you are here! We are DMJ Home Solutions and we rejuvenate neighborhoods so you can Love Where You Live in the bay area.

The Bay Area is known for technology, great weather and ( yes you guessed it) high prices. We are here to build your dream home.

We pride ourselves in educating you on the market, home trends and keeping you updated on our homes. The more we inform you, the fast you can Love Where You Live.

Please follow us on Facebook. Our team loves to go live with information for future homeowners, realtors and business owners. The goal is to make sure your experience with the team is more than amazing.

The DMJ team overall wasn’t always involved in neighborhood rejuvenation. Actually, over half of DMJ was in the Fitness industry, helping people love their body and health.

It was a great journey, but a change was needed and we wanted to impact people’s lives on a larger scale. Buying a home in the Bay Area shouldn’t be painful and the main goal is to make it a smooth ride.

DMJ Home Solutions started with one home in 2014, and we invested a lot of time to build a team that has the same vision we do, which is Work hard, keep your word but with integrity.

We build custom homes in the Silicon Valley and East Bay. Stay updated and put us in your address book! We send updates, progress photos, and videos and you get first dibs on open house information. By the way, You don’t have to worry about competing with other offers since we’ll email you first. Take a look at the homes we are currently working on here.

We would love to set an appointment and talk to you and see how we can help. Our mission is to make sure we provided a smooth and (most importantly) STRESS-FREE transaction.

The DMJ team would love to have motivated and inspired agents, brokers, investors and all other professionals on the team, so as a team we can help future homeowners ” Love where you live”. Please contact us!

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