Agents, Here Are 6 Reasons You Really Need a Home Stager

Agents, Here Are 6 Reasons You Really Need a Home Stager

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home stagerIf you could learn a secret that would literally change the game of real estate for you, would you want to know it? If we said that home staging is a real estate game changer and you absolutely must have it, would you believe us? Agents, it’s time to get it together and get a home stager.


Staging does for home sales what the smell of cookies does for bake shops. Seriously. It speaks to that part of the brain in a home buyer that is completely and entirely emotional. Staging conjures emotions, and emotions sell homes. Facts help but emotions seal the deal. And a stager will know how to properly set up a home to invoke the right emotions and help a buyer see the potential in a home.

It’s something most agents just cannot do alone. You can try, but staging is an art. Therefore, a stager is an artist. Hire a good one, and you have given yourself a major advantage as an agent. On the other hand, if you try to go it alone, you may regret that decision.

6 Reasons You Need a Home Stager

Read these 6 reasons you absolutely need a home stager to help with your listings.

1. A stager can increase the value of your listing

Staging has been shown to increase the value – and sometimes directly improve the purchase price – of your listing. If we created a list with just one very good reason to go with a stager, this would be the reason. Staging creates values for the listing in several ways that aren’t easy replicated. The remaining five ways show exactly how that value is created.

2. Stagers are unbiased third parties trained to see homes from the buyer’s perspective

A stager’s job involves seeing the home the way the target buyer would see it. Not just any buyer, and certainly not just any person. Stagers take several steps back and look at the home with fresh eyes. They see things you and I probably would not see, but that potential buyers would definitely see.

3. Staging reflects a home’s best potential

Staging maximizes a home and shows off it’s best “side.” The most talented stagers are literally miracle workers. They mask unsightly angles, maximize small spaces, make large spaces cozy, and more.

4. A stager has access to better furniture and decor

Most of the time, staging involves the short term use of furniture that the staging company owns, leases, or has borrowed. Sometimes, a stager will opt to use the homeowner’s belongings, but the benefit is that homeowners don’t have to have all the right things. Stagers can find lamps, tables, chairs, paintings, vases, potted plants, etc. Anything that compliments the home.

5. Stagers relieve pressure on agents

As an agent, have you ever had to have that super awkward conversation with a seller about their taste in decor or serious issue with clutter? If so, this is yet another reason you need a stager.

Staging disconnects a seller from his/her emotional attachment to the way the home looks. In fact, your conversation with the seller could be something as simple as, “Okay, next steps include bringing in the home stager. They’ll come take a look at the space and help us figure out how to make it perfect for showings. Sound good?”

Any decisions made by the stager are now purely professional, not personal.

6. A stager helps a buyer see what can be

Lastly, stagers do potential buyers a massive favor. It’s somewhat of a myth that the best way to sell a home is to empty it out. On one hand, buyers want and need to see the space for what it is. That’s usually why people decide to show completely unfurnished spaces.

But some buyers make decisions more easily when the space connects to them and speaks to their lifestyle. That’s why great agents hire stagers. They know exactly who their target buyer is, what they like and don’t like, and their lifestyle. The stager can design the decor to suit the potential buyer’s tastes and make it feel more like their future home.

Not all buyers are interior designers with excellent eyes for layout and use of space and light. Stagers help those people along and essentially dream for them, showing them what can be. The result? A contract, which is exactly what everyone is hoping for.

Time to hire a stager, agents.

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