How Can I Invest in Real Estate?

Posted by David Herrera // June 28, 2017 // Blog / Featured / Financing / Home Buying / Home Selling

Whether they’re looking to second homes for their families, or just additional income, many people are asking “How can I invest in real estate?” We have fun with real estate investing. For us, real estate helps secure our future and the futures of others. But there are some things you should know before starting. You […]

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Lower Taxes Before End Of The Year

Posted by David Herrera // December 26, 2016 // Blog / Entreprenuer / Financing // entrepreneur / money / taxes

Should we think about how to lower taxes if it’s only December 26th.  Yikes! That means one more week left until 2017. If you’re self-employed, there are lots of things you can do by December 31 to lower your taxes for 2016. There are five ways to lower taxes before the end of the year. How Self […]

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